12 Hour

Jul 15, 2011

Blansacar had officially launch the new Oriental Inspiration Series with the 1st model, Blansacar 12Hour as known as twelve division of the day. Blansacar 12 Hour watch was inspired by fundamental principles established for millennia and profoundly rooted in Chinese tradition. The Blansacar Manufacture thereby wishes to honour this age-old culture of which the modern-day representatives show a keen interest in haute horlogerie, by introducing a useful yet symbolic model that is destined to take its rightful place among the ranks of the finest horological achievements which is the twelve divisions of the day of early Chinese and Babylonian time-keeping and astronomy that known as 12 Hour watches. Blansacar 12 Hour series has a different dial which is double layer dial that only display 6 division with 2 layers of Chinese horological symbol. Completed this classic timepiece using an ETA 2824 movement with 80 hand-set Synthetic diamond around the bezel featuring See Through case-back Crystal Glass, mirrored the classical of Blansacar timepiece creation.

It is a creation of the ancient Chinese time keeping scale, a day is being divided into 12 sections, and each section is equivalent to the modern time two hours.