Frequestly Asked Questions

About Catalogues, Warranty and Instruction Booklets…Where can I find the BLANSACAR catalogue?

To get the BLANSACAR catalogue you can either ask your authorized BLANSACAR retailer for a copy or you can directly download one here.

Are Blansacar Watches sold over internet?

Blansacar watches are only sold through our network of selected retail outlets. Companies offering Blansacar watches on the internet are not authorised Blansacar retailers.

Where can I purchase a BLANSACAR watch?

No BLANSACAR watches are sold over the Internet. You will have to contact one of our authorized retailers. They will be pleased to give you further information regarding the prices and models available.

How can I get information about a specific model or a watch from the past?

You can contact us using the feedback button. An auto-reply will immediately acknowledge receipt of your message. We shall do our best to answer your request as soon as possible depending on your inquiry.

What is PVD Plating?

An abbreviation which stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. The PVD technology used for Blansacar watches and bracelets is non-polluting plating systems. Its quality can compared to 10 micron plating. The PVD finish is highly scratchproof and long lasting. The authentic gilf colour tone is obtained by applying a 23 carat gold layer. The primary desirable qualities of PVD plating are hardness, durability and anti-allergenic propeties. An enhanced process allows the deposition of extremely hard and smooth diamond like carbon (DLC) film. 

How can I make sure the guarantee will be acknowledged for my BLANSACAR product?

The validated warranty card or proof of purchase must be included with your BLANSACAR product for us to be able to acknowledge it. Without the validated warranty card, or proof of purchase, a service charge will be applied for any repairs.

How do I know the retail price for Blansacar Watches?

Blansacar does not publish its retail price online. We suggest checking with our authorized retailer to ensure that you have most accurate and up to date price information, and can also send a message to our customer service mail box.