Amitabha Series

n real life, "Southern Amitabha Buddha" is becoming more and more familiar. We often hear the Buddhist slogan "Southern Amitabha Buddha", which can only be seen in the scriptures and can also be heard in film and television dramas or songs. But although everyone can read it, not everyone who chants "South without Amitabha" knows what "South without Amitabha" means.

In fact, the six words "Southern Amitabha Buddha" are Sanskrit, which is the language of Brahma. If translated into Chinese, "Nanwu" in Nanwu Amitabha is also read as "Namo", which means respect, conversion, and "Amitabha" is the name of a person who has a sense of infinite merit. Amitabha, abbreviated as "Amitabha" or "Amitabha", means "Rulai" or "Sakyamuni" "." South Amitabha Buddha "is the general program and general principles of the entire Dharma. We accept this general program and general principles , Determines achievement, determines life.

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